Campus Kajzerica, Zagreb

In shaping the architectural concept that will become one day the new 'hot spot' of Kajzerica neighborhood, Zagreb, we went from couple of concepts like: interaction, city, people and neighborhood. The goal was to connect all the spaces and facilities directly or indirectly in order to provide physical comfort, communication, action and security developments in this educational and sports complex. This connection we called 'Deck' - it is outer space, ground floor plateau - fluid mass that everything connects. This "Deck" enables to their users dynamics of movement and allows events to take place on it. On this 'deck' each story begins and ends whether it's about architecture or life. Due to the specific requirements of connection and separation of certain facilities, Croatian Elementary School is a separate building, while the French and German elementary school and gymnasium( high school) are located in a common object with separate entrances. Croatian and French kindergartens are located in a separate building on the west.

Authors: Nino Virag, Matija Vanicek and Maja Brucic

Total designed area: 12400 sqm


  • 2 kindergartens
  • 2 primary schools
  • 1 high school
  • Athletic center with two sport gyms