Animal adoption park
- Luc Zagorja

The Animal Adoption Park is a project that will ensure a nice shelter in nature for all pets without a home. As the site location is surrounded by a forest, our goal was to design a home that would fit in the existing open space and be in harmony with all the living creatures in the forest. That's why we used wood as the main construction material. While developing the architectural volumes the orientation of the parcel itself made a huge impact on the final product. We wanted to organize this park in a way so that all areas were in the sun all day long. Another equally important goal was to provide a beautiful space for the animals and use numerous green areas for their relaxation in the shade. Remaining true to our belief that all animals deserve happiness, love and respect, we were honored to have the ability to design this project in accordance with a no-kill policy. The Animal Adoption Park will be committed to providing shelter and care to those less fortunate animals yet deserving ones, who may never get a second chance at a loving home, and end up living the rest of their lives here at this park.