Perutnina Ptuj, Vidrenjak

Year: 2023
Project in progress
Client: Perutnina Ptuj
Location: Vidrenjak, Velika Ludina
Size: 56375 m2


The future location of the chicken slaughterhouse and poultry processing facility is at cadastral parcel number 407/2, cadastral municipality Vidrenjak, in the settlement of Velika Ludina, in the Sisak-Moslavina County.

Construction works for the new building (chicken slaughterhouse and poultry processing) and the construction of new auxiliary facilities will be carried out at the location in four phases.

In terms of significance, this is a facility of regional importance, which will contribute to the development of the industry and employment of workers from this area.

The main building 1 is designed as a single volume, with a diverged southwest facade in line with functional and technological requirements. The building is adjusted to the expression of industrial structures, quite enclosed, with minimal openings/windows and with thermal-insulation panels that conceal the basic structural system of reinforced concrete pillars and beams. The only exceptions are: the office/lab section, which stands out on the facade as a cube, with glass partitions divided by vertical elements at regular intervals, the main entrance to the building, which is also transparent and open, and part of the floor corridor, which gains natural light through the opening of the facade.

Auxiliary facilities and main building 2 are simple in design, single-story, with the exception of Sales/showroom building where the upper floor is emphasized similarly to the office section of the main building, serving as a more representative structure visible from the road.