SGS laboratory, Zagreb

SGS laboratory is an extension of the office space located one floor below, but with completely different project assignments and goals. It consists of specific and highly functional spaces – microbiological analysis area, washing and sterilization area, sample preparation area, area for physical and chemical tests, office area, sanitary and storage space. The materials and design principle correspond to that of the office area below. The SGS office and laboratory was a design-build experience. The project’s total surface area was 440m². SGS as the client opted for this step because it wanted a project which would fully meet its wishes and standards without compromise. First we started designing, and once we had agreed on the design with the investor, we started construction. During the design process, we had to obtain the consent of SGS branding departments. The project progressed quickly and without problems. We continuously informed the client about progress and details. Once construction was completed, a technical inspection was carried out and an operating license was obtained, which we did as well. After the completion of the project we received praise for the design and execution.

The main material used in the formation of this space was visible concrete and glass. SGS as a world leader for inspection, verification, testing and certification services wanted that we show through the design and execution what the company does for business. For the floors, walls and all installations (heating, cooling, ventilation, power supply and communication) we used the latest technology. The project is sustainable and energy efficient.

The floor is a raised computer floor so that the entire space is flexible in terms of installations as electricity, water and gas installations in offices and the laboratory are located beneath the floor. The floor is completely medical and anti-bacterial , so it can be easily maintained and cleaned. Walls are fire-resistant and covered in paint that can easily be cleaned and disinfected (requirement for cleanrooms). Certain parts of the laboratory such as the microbiology section are complete “cleanrooms” where windows cannot be opened and air enters through special filters to ensure a 100% clean space without viruses and bacteria, while containing pressure and exhaust ventilation. All suspended ceilings are acoustic and contain heating, cooling and ventilation installations. Heating and cooling is provided through fan coils contained partially in suspended ceilings and partially in walls. Two water chillers are located on the roof, while warm water is provided through a gas boiler. All sanitary facilities contain radiators and all pipes used for mechanical installations are made of copper. All toilet facilities contain built-in Geberit lavatory cisterns.

The entire facility is under video surveillance and has a security intrusion system, a server room with a split cooling system, LAN equipment and a switchboard.

The laboratory had fairly complex requirements in terms of installed equipment such as fume hoods and a laminar which required water and gas connections and special ventilation, gas burners for chemical analyses and vented closets for storing explosive liquids, acids and chemical waste. In addition, extensive fire protection had to be ensured in line with Croatian laws and regulations.

Electrical system – electricity supply (main generator, main control cabinet, server room, UPS); LAN installation, fire detection system, access control, BMS, installation of laboratory equipment. All electric cables are in the lowered ceiling for lighting and in the floor to supply electricity to devices, facilities and the entire HVAC system.

The ceiling lighting is intended for cleanrooms, it can be cleaned and disinfected and does not heat up.