Parc 21 - Zagreb’s first full-service residential lifestyle condominium tower with western-style amenities enclosed in a green oasis of leisure, luxury and modern security for the 21st century.
24 levels. 21 above ground. 1 at ground level and 2 below ground. Total internal area of 28.000 m2. Green design and construction.
306 residential condominiums with unparalleled panoramic views.
20 residential units per level (ave.) ranging from 55-155 net m2. 512 indoor car parking spaces. 2000 m2 of commercial/retail focused on resident lifestyle needs.
More than 8000 m2 of outdoor residents-only park curated as a private, urban country club for recreation and leisure.

The project is located in Zagreb’s booming office and entertainment district known as Radnička (pronounced rad-neetch-ka). This district has undergone a major transformation over the past decade from a tired industrial zone to a dynamic and vibrant office, shopping, leisure and entertainment center.
Radnička is well connected to major transportation lines and systems, which has made it a convenient and logical location for service sector businesses. An important advantage is that it has fast access to the international airport, as well as highways to Slovenia and Austria to the west and Serbia to the east.
Zagreb’s GDP per capita is nearly twice that of the rest of Croatia and Radnička has the highest GDP per capita production in Zagreb. The result of this is a dynamic micro-economy that has become Zagreb’s new center.

The missing real estate product in Zagreb is a marquee, amenity-rich residential tower with its own secure, green oasis in the City.
A common urban challenge is getting to and from activity-specific facilities (e.g. tennis, fitness, kindergarten, office, etc.) due to increased traffic congestion.
Parc21 eliminates this conflict by situating itself in Zagreb’s blue-chip business district and incorporating western-style amenities and club facilities inside a curated nature-scape protected from the outside world by a green foliage wall.
Parc21 extends the concept of “home” outside one’s four walls to facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle for residents and their guests.

Parc21 is designed using the natural form of an arc to maximize the potential of the Site while fostering an intimate internal feeling in a large structure. The arc ensures more residential units have greater exposure to natural light and magnificent views of Zagreb’s major monuments and cultural symbols.
Parc21 offers views unavailable from any other residential building in Zagreb, and yet the slim profile of the arc will minimize negative impact to neighbors. This philosophy of symbiosis is integral in Parc21 creating value not just at project completion, but in the future.
The residential units will be organized as 4-br (155 m2), 3-br (130 m2), 2-br (90 m2), 1-br (72 m2) and studios (55 m2).
75% of the units are 2-br and smaller but the interior construction system will enable merging units horizontally and vertically. This flexibility will allow buyers to live and grow without having to leave the Parc21 community.

Parc21 shall be constructed on a large triangular underground floor plate to provide perfect stability to the arced tower above it.
Since parking is in short supply in Zagreb, this two-level underground structure will also house 250 enclosed parking spaces. The four above ground parking floors of Parc21 will house 262 parking spaces.
The total number of parking spaces in the building (below and above ground) shall be 512, which equates to a 1.7 parking spaces per residential unit. After residents purchase spaces, excess parking spaces will be used for guest valet.
Convenient, enclosed and secure resident parking with valet service option is a real asset and advantage for Parc21 .

Parc21 is stacked strategically to use four above-ground parking levels to elevate the wellness/spa/gym and residential levels for enhanced views and separation from the hustle and bustle at ground-level. The tower is capped with a curated roof deck.
The double-height ground level lobby houses the doorman station, concierge, security team, and everyday conveniences like kindergarten, dry cleaner, hair salon, café, etc.
The duplex wellness zone on the 7th and 8th levels will be state of the art, have great views and also include an indoor golf driving range, as Zagreb is golf-obsessed.
The stack plan creates a natural separation from the busy Radnička business and entertainment district without creating distance from it.

The Team of authors:
Mr. James Price Chuck, an American entrepreneurial executive with more than a decade in Croatia and the former-Yugoslavia with some of the largest investment groups in Europe and Ms. Maja Brucic, a Croatian architect and engineer.