Firehall / Fire station

Combining practicality with livability, economy and style. Steel and concrete are materials of choice.

Designed fire station supports the needs of the fire department and the community in which it is located. It accommodates extremely diverse functions, including housing, recreation, administration, training, community education, equipment and vehicle storage, equipment and vehicle maintenance. It would be usually only occupied by trained personnel, but the facility will also accommodate the general public for community education or outreach programs.

With our design we:

  • Provide ample natural light
  • Provide dorm rooms
  • Provide ample recreation areas and separate noisy areas (such as a game room) from quieter areas (such as a television room).
  • Avoid institutional and unnatural finishes, textures, and colors
  • Used natural materials in a contemporary modern way
  • Ensure good indoor air quality and abundant natural light in the residential and administrative areas.
The fire hall operational functional areas are clearly separated from the fire department administration, training, and inspections areas. The design cleverly ties the operational and administrative side together with a common lobby overseen by the fire administration during the day and by a staffed watch room at night. One stairwell has been carefully designed to extend upward to serve exit, training tower, and hose drying functions.