The new cemetery expansion project of the existing cemetery in a small town of Lobor included a few project assignments. The client, town of Lobor, needed a new parking area solution with better traffic organization for the visitors. The task was also to propose and organize new additions to the existing parts of the cemetery that included new pathways, landscaping and adding utilities as much as needed; garbage disposal, water fountains, and resting points. In the existing old part of the cemetery we proposed new paving and reconstruction of the main crucifix along the central pathway.

Parking area is organized in two levels, in accordance with the current situation. The upper and lower parking lot was paved with asphalt cover with the possibility of placing permeable pavers in parking spot area.

The new east and west entrances will incorporate new double iron fence and new pavers along the new main east and west paths that lead to the newer northern part of the cemetery. New pavers are proposed out of local stone, found in the Lobor area. Also the same material is used for retaining walls incorporated in the landscaping solutions.

Divided cemetery areas or sectors are enclosed by tall hedges to provide a certain sense of intimacy and paved with fine white gravel. The whole cemetery is bounded by new simple iron fence and high cypresses. Along with evergreen trees some new trees will be planted such as red acer and Japanese cherry to give another color to the space besides green, which symbolizes spirituality and serenity.